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“We must work together to remove the stigma that has fueled our indifference to mental health and we must encourage our fellow first responders to seek professional care”

The role of first responders is to help others when they need it most; grit, strength, and bravery are highly valued in the field. Many first responders are also in need of counseling but face a stigma for seeking the help they may need.  Most people are not aware that 85% of first responders have experienced symptoms related to mental health conditions, including depression and PTSD.  These conditions are up to 5 times more common in first responders. Admitting that it is time to seek professional help does not mean one is weak; in fact, it means the exact opposite. Overlooking the stigma and realizing that your mental health may be   getting in the way of helping people, shows grit, strength, and bravery. We understand that it can be difficult for first responders to open up and share their personal experiences and feelings. You are not a burden and Anchor Counseling is a safe space to open up and talk about your issues that you are facing.

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