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31 Tips to Make Life Easier When You Are Feeling Depressed

Whether you’re dealing with depression and want to supplement your chosen treatment methods with self-care, or are just in a serious funk, here are some tips for making life feel a little more manageable.

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No Time for Mindfulness? Think Again.

Turn your morning java into a coffee mindful break and start your day off right.

Team Talk

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a type of therapy to help resolve intense emotions and trauma. Learn more about it here or contact me.

Baby in Mother's Arms

Thinking about a Postpartum Plan

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 11 to 20% of women who give birth each year have postpartum depression symptoms. I specialize in Perinatal Mood Disorders and can help you work through this major life transition.


Hope is just a phone call away

Sad Portrait

Suicide Prevention Services


Thinking about harming yourself and need someone to talk to? Call Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) where the staff is available 24 hours a day everyday. SPS is located locally in Batavia, IL and has been helping people since 1998. Their mission is to not only save lives, but to also restore hope through prevention and intervention by utilizing advocacy, collaboration, and education efforts.

On the Phone

Illinois Warm Line

(866) 359-7953

Monday-Saturday: 8am -8pm 


Free phone support for anyone living in Illinois that is staffed by Recovery Support Specialists. These individuals help with emotional support, recovery education, self-advocacy support, as well as referrals.

Sleeping Baby

Fussy Baby Network


Call Fussy Baby Network to receive support from infant specialists who are there Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. These specialists help families and caregivers struggling with a baby who is fussy, crying excessively, or has trouble sleeping. They help to alleviate the stress you may be feeling from your infant and bring happiness back into your life.

On the Couch
Teenager Portrait
Together Again

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline


If you or someone you care about is going through a mental health crisis, there is immediate help available. You can reach out by calling or texting 988, which is the 24-hour Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. By contacting them, you will be connected to the crisis center nearest to you, ensuring prompt assistance and support. If you prefer to communicate in Spanish, simply dial 2. Remember, help is just a phone call or text away.


844-4-SAFEIL (723345)

If a trusted adult is unavailable, Safe2Help Illinois 24/7 provides students with a secure and confidential platform to share information that could potentially prevent suicides, bullying, school violence, or any other threats to school safety. It is important to note that this program does not aim to suspend, expel, or punish students. Instead, its objective is to encourage students to "Seek Help Before" incidents occur. To support this program, Safe2Help Illinois has created a Mental Health Toolkit, designed to foster a positive culture within Illinois schools. This toolkit equips parents and educators with the necessary resources to reinforce the program's principles and promote a safe and supportive environment for students.

Veteran's Crisis Line

Dial 988, then press 1 at the prompt

For individuals seeking compassionate support from trained responders within the Department of Veterans Affairs, reaching out to the Veterans Crisis Line is highly recommended. These responders, many of whom are Veterans themselves, provide round-the-clock assistance that is both confidential and free of charge. The Veterans Crisis Line is dedicated to serving all veterans, service members, National Guard and Reserve personnel, as well as their families and friends. Regardless of the time of day, this invaluable resource is available to provide the care and support needed.

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