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Surviving Yet Another Variant

We turn to the news and social media to keep us informed right? Lately, the news has been full of dread and unfortunate information with the pandemic that does not seem to want to loosen its grip on the world. So, how do we survive learning about "yet another variant" that may or may not spread? Or may or may not be more infectious or more contagious than the one before it was? Many of us have done what the experts have been telling us to do all along: If you're sick, stay home. Wash our hands. Wear a mask in public or in large crowds. Get vaccinated and/or boosted. Some of us have chosen to not get vaccinated. Certainly, a personal choice.

What else can we do to mentally survive another potential variant?

We can talk to our support systems. Whomever that may be; be it out therapist, our families, or our friends. We can volunteer at an animal shelter, a nursing home, a school, or a hospital. We can visit with neighbors, have friends or family over for dinner. The one thing we all must do is not worry about what we cannot control. No one can control the pandemic, the variants, those that choose to not get vaccinated, those that choose to get vaccinated, what gets reported on the news or social media, fake news, real news, or politics. We can only control what is within us and how we respond to events. So, reach out to your therapist or your family and talk about the new potential variant and how it may or may not impact you and your life. If you do not have a therapist, call Anchor Counseling at (630) 765-3214. We will match you with a therapist to fit your needs.

Written by: Dana Pauley

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